Contemporary Event Bars for all your festive requirements

With Christmas and the New Year approaching many companies are organising events and parties leading up to and beyond the holidays. From bonfire night celebrations, pre-Christmas gatherings and New Year kick-offs, the festive season is truly underway. With any event, key decisions have to be made in order to guarantee first class entertainment for your guests. Jazz up your private hire event this winter with a sleek and functional mobile bar.

Contemporary Event Bars are specialists in the entertainment hire industry and a leading bar provider. Recently, the company has noted a rise in their dry bar hire services that are now sought after by a range of private hire events from product launches to corporate parties.

So, what is a dry bar hire and what are the advantages of booking a dry bar hire when it comes to your event?

A dry bar hire is a unique service that allows you to choose and book a mobile bar without added services making it affordable and accessible to events anywhere. At Contemporary Event Bars, our collection boasts ice bar hire, LED cocktail bar hire, and any shape and size bar to accommodate most layouts.

A dry bar hire not only allows you access to striking bars at economical prices but the service can also come with bar staff who will be available at your event to serve drinks to your guests. It is also ideal for those who want to add a polished touch to their event without spending big bucks. The affordability without compromising on quality of product and service is attractive to many customers who continue to choose a dry bar hire service for their events.

Don’t keep your guests waiting!

When hosting your special event, having lots of guests converge at the bar at the same time is a challenge to say the least and something they will remember long after the night is over.

Exceptional service not only improves the experience in the short term, ensuring they keep coming back to the bar but it will also create a comfortable environment for everyone.

Making sure that customers can reach the bar especially when it ‘s busy is essential, as a heavy crowd around the bar will send partygoers away more than it draws them in. Often, the ones that do go up will just order the first thing they see, or an easy fall-back – a beer, a glass of wine.

Having enough staff and space are key factors. In a well-run bar, nobody should have to wait more than two minutes. Hanging onto a warm beer rather than fight for another drink if they know they’ll have to face the hoard in order to get one, is not conducive to a successful event.

Obviously the type of occasion dictates the way you can handle the rush but one great tip is to let the customers know what’s available before they reach the bar.

Welcome to Contemporary Event Bars

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We specialise in providing a full wet or dry hire mobile bar solution for any occasion, from prom parties to festivals and various corporate and launch events.

We offer innovative contemporary portable bars with or without professional, friendly bar staff plus a host of other services, fixtures and fiittings that will help make your event a memorable success.

Our bars have been set up in mobile structures, gardens, offices and varying public spaces, in fact they could be set up virtually anywhere. Check out our case studies to find out more.

Our aim is to provide our clients with a tailor-made service to fit in with their exact event requirements and our goal is to supply the best level of service and quality possible.

We understand that every client has a specific idea of how they want their event to look and therefore will work closely with you to create the perfect package to suit.

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